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Use of this website comes with but few terms and conditions.

Under no circumstances will the owners of this website or associated dynamic web service be responsible for any postings.

This site is offered as a facility for private individuals to post their messages in compliance with these rules. The sole responsibility lies with the Registered User who posts any message[s] to make sure they do not contain anything which is considered obscene or offensive to others.

All postings are preferred to be in English but no responsibility can be accepted for content especially where other languages are used.

Your agreed access and use of this site is on the understanding that the site owner[s] will not be liable whatsoever for any postings made. All postings are considered to be in the Public Domain and are deemed to be the possession of the person who elected to list them and therefore are considered to be voluntarily posted.

Where an individual considers a posting is inappropriate they are asked to click on the "Report as Inappropriate" link accompanying each posting which will then escalate a dialogue between relevant individuals.

All postings are to be made in keeping with the general required standard of good taste and with a considerable degree of sensitivity, especially within certain categories. We reserve the right to review and even remove, at our discretion, all or any postings which are considered inappropriate, offensive, obscene or grossly insensitive.

The amount of data collected is reduced to a minimum and we have no intention of passing these details to any third party. We may occasionally contact registered Users by email.

The Management reserve the right to suspended or remove any persons who fail to observe the basic rules referred to above. For the avoidance of doubt, English law only applies.

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