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Descendants Of Taylor Chaffe Scott Caldwell Hempstead DOWNING

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Descendants Of Taylor Chaffe Scott Caldwell Hempstead DOWNING

of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States

Hello to all distant cousins and those interested in the DOWNING family,

There is a book titled "Genealogy of the Downing Family and Immediate Collateral Relations" , by William C. Downing and R. Wilberforce 1901 , which can be reviewed online by using the title in a Google search (full text format).

I am in the process of writing the sequel which is intended to correct erroneous information and add the 20th century descendants of our Irish immigrant , James Downing , who arrived at New York 6 Oct 1827 from Liverpool, England, stating he was from Ireland, made his way to Philadelphia, PA and 3 years later, married a woman who was likely from his hometown in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

If any of the following names are your ancestors , I am asking for your help and would love to hear from you :
Robert William Downing, b. 22 Jan 1835 - only surviving child of James - had 5 sons + 2 daughters
Francis Granello Taylor, b. 1 Apr 1860
John Charles Chaffe, b. 16 Sep 1891
Eugene Forrester Caldwell, Jr., b. 4 Aug 1874
Charles Willing Huber, b. 5 Aug 1988
Norris Alexander Scott, b. 9 Sep 1880
William Orlando Hempstead, Jr., b. 11 Mar 1882
William Fulton Kurtz, b. 7 Aug 1887
Henry Ward Marston III, b. 15 Feb 1919
Benjamin S. Hunter, b. 6 Jun 1920
Ned Levering Jacoby, b. 1 Oct 1918
William Cooper Willits, b. 11 Jun 1914
Ned E. Kennan, b. 12 Jan 1915
William H. Gardiner, b. 27 Jun 1911
William J. Meredith, b. 7 Jan 1910
William G. Mickley, b. 27 Feb 1919
John J. Mullelly, b. 27 Jan 1920
Joseph J. Halsey, b. 18 Apr 1927
William C. Elliott, b. 25 Jan 1936
Roswell L. Gilpatrick, b. 4 Nov 1906
Charles R. Tyson, b. 22 Feb 1914
Algernon Roberts, b. 3 Oct 1910
Edwin T. Hanna, Jr., b. 9 Oct 1957
Theodore Vetterlein, b. 3 Nov 1942
Leonard Eugene Anderson, b. abt. 1950
Stephen Sturman, b. abt. 1953
Rob Weir, b. abt. 1945-1955

I will make sure you have access to the new book when it is complete.

thank you

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